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13 September 2019

30th Anniversary Show – The Art School, Glasgow

We are delighted to announce………

On Saturday 19th October 2019 we will be performing at the Art School of Glasgow, where we are going to recreate the first ever Big Vern n the Shootahs gig.

In early January 1989 a friend of ours called Ian Gourlay died aged 21 of meningitis.  Ian passed away within the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow in the Institute for Neurology. He had been a fit and healthy guy and one of his favourite things was the Blues Brothers film.

Later that year a group of friends decided to organise a charity night to raise some funds as a thank-you to the Institute of Neurology.  It was decided that a Blues Brothers themed night would be appropriate and a band was hastily formed to perform a set of Blues Brothers classics. Seven songs from the film were rehearsed and the event took place in the University Union Assembly Hall at the Glasgow School of Art.  The band were so good, they received seven encores and the audience went will for this group of friends who decided to call themselves ‘Big Vern n the Shootahs’

After the show, everyone was amazed at what had happened and an offer of a second gig happened just minutes after we came off stage.  We’ve never looked back.

Big Vern n the Shootahs have always been a group of friends who happen to have regular day jobs, including a Doctor, Estate Agent, school teachers, policeman but at the weekends they put on a suit and perform across the UK, Ireland and further afield.   We still help charities raise money for their causes and in these 30 years we have raised around £20,000,000 towards good causes and have performed around 2000 times.

We have decided to go back to where it all started.  We are going to recreate the first ever Big Vern n the Shootahs gig on the very same stage where we first performed.  We will perform the same set, playing the same songs in order and we’ll dust off our black suits, sunglasses and pork pie hats.  After a break, we’ll get changed into our current suits and perform a set of our current material, featuring party soul and funk classics in our own inimitable style.  We have plans to stick around afterwards and enjoy an after show celebration within the same venue.  We hope to have some surprises too.

Tickets are on sale now at tickets-scotland for what promises to be an emotional and historic evening of music and dancing in an iconic venue.  We’d love you to be there………….


BV xx

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