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08 May 2020


We are thrilled to be able to share with you some music that we’ve made at home during lockdown.  LOVELY DAY is a song we’ve performed live for a number of years and with the recent passing of Bill Withers we felt that the vibe and the sentiment of this was just the kinda thing to put a smile on your face whilst paying homage to a great artist.  Recorded and filmed remotely we are really pleased with the results and hope you like it to.


* Watch till the very end to catch behind the scenes footage.




Lead Vocal                             Dave Bell

Bass Guitar/Backing Vox       Jack McDougall

Lead guitar                              Kevin ‘morph’ Dobie

Keyboards                               Rupert Black

Drums/ Backing Vox              Malcolm Button

Saxophones/Backing Vox      Dave Macdonald

Trumpet                                  Alastair Mcghee

Trombone/Backing Vox         John Milne


Music arrangement by John Milne

Audio production by John Milne and Kevin ‘morph’ Dobie

Video editing and production by Dave Macdonald


Music and Lyrics – Withers/Scarborough


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